Saturday, September 22, 2007

I took this driving through Lewisville, I think back in June. A scary storm was rolling in and I happened to have my camera. The clouds were scary but really pretty at the same time.

I'm very tired of summer. We keep being taunted by cool weather every now and then but it gets back up into the 90s. At least it's cooling off at night, which is very nice.

I got an email today from my Provincetown gallery - they sold another one of my paintings (the third this summer) and have people interested in 2 more! Woo hoo! Let's hope they close the deal before the summer season ends.

Trish and I are going to see a documentary tonight about Donkey Kong. Really.

I'm mostly excited to see her new shorter hair and hear all about her midlife crisis. Aren't men supposed to have those?

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Trish said...

Since when is 29 middle-aged?

Thanks for tonight. It was fun. I needed that.

Tom Green rocks!!!!