Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I watched most of the parade, but it turns out I missed the best part - a live Rick Roll!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think it's still too early for all this nonsense, but I thought this was funny:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

from (via John)

Someone likes John Williams:

I'm sure you've seen Sarah Palin standing in front of the guy slaughtering the turkeys after she's just pardoned one of the poor creatures... If not, look for it on the YouTube. Unless you like turkeys.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colleen is (even more) famous! She's on a t-shirt (or a baby blanket or a hat or a thong...)

Here's her Six Word Memoir from Smith Magazine on a t-shirt (which would make a fabulous Christmas present, no?).
This phone looks really awesome. Too bad it's only available in Nova Scotia.

This is getting me in the Christmas spirit!

I can hear the baby Jesus crying, "Ho ho ho!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Car made of cake:

Here are two of my favorite things - Stephen Colbert and Jane Austen (starts at 1:45):

"Where are you, Mr. Darcy?"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks to John, I've had They Might Be Giants songs in my head today.

I came across this:

I love those knitted or crocheted puppets. Knuppets? Cruppets?

Speaking of Muppets, build your own here.

Here's a great script to follow when you get that next annoying telemarketing call.

Larry sent me this super cool site.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Calling all Sports Racers!

Last year, Luke the Runner set up a Secret Santa exchange on the ORG and it was so much fun!

Let's do it again, but this time let's exchange handmade items. So many of you are creative in so many different ways. It'll also be a great way for us to reconnect as a group.

I set up an exchange for us - The Duckie Handmade Christmas - on

Here are the details:
We're all creative in some way*.

Art, music, words, food... Share your creativity with other duckies this year.

Register and create your profile. In the wish list section, enter any items that you would like that are handmade or that you could use in your creative endeavors (yarn, exotic ingredients, craft books, fancy paper, etc). You can even include links to the items online.

*If you feel you are indeed, not creative, but would still like to participate: instead of making something for your partner yourself, purchase something hand-crafted by someone else (6-year old factory workers don't count). Or you can give your partner something that will aid in his or her creative endeavor (this is where the wish lists come in). For example, if you're paired with someone who likes to crochet, you could send him or her a bag of nice yarn. Or if you're paired with a writer, you can send him or her a writing journal or a reference book. Or if you're paired with a painter, you can purchase a gift certificate for an art supply catalog... You will see his or her wish list to help guide you in your gift selections.

Sign up by December 5th. After December 5th, will receive the information on your partner. Send your gift by December 17th (so your duckie partner gets it by Christmas).

Note: your personal information will remain hidden to everyone but your partner. If you don't want your partner to have your home address, you can use "Hold for Pickup" and indicate that you want your package sent to your nearest post office instead.

Open to international participants.

Let's start making stuff!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Play Super Obama World. It looks cute but I suck so bad I can't get past the lipstick wearing pigs.

Here's a really great article with some of the creators of MST3K. I miss that show...

Here's something Joel and Jim Hodgson did as a test in their post-MST3K days:

It's quite funny. I wish they'd been able to do more.

And here's a helpful educational film (not that you need it):

Oh, and the movie is out on DVD now, and there's also a 20th anniversary edition boxed set. They would make lovely gifts, no?
I couldn't resist.

Lots more here.

"you've got red on you", originally uploaded by cakeyvoice.

Not surprisingly, Simon Pegg has some strong opinions about zombies:

"Still, I had to acknowledge Dead Set's impressive credentials. The concept was clever in its simplicity: a full-scale zombie outbreak coincides with a Big Brother eviction night, leaving the Big Brother house as the last refuge for the survivors. Scripted by Charlie Brooker, a writer whose scalpel-sharp incisiveness I have long been a fan of, and featuring talented actors such as Jaime Winstone and the outstanding Kevin Eldon, the show heralded the arrival of genuine homegrown horror, scratching at the fringes of network television. My expectations were high, and I sat down to watch a show that proved smart, inventive and enjoyable, but for one key detail: ZOMBIES DON'T RUN!"

This is a cool project:

"17 years worth of taking 2 photos a day as my head rotates in sync with the Earth around the Sun. This is a non-dejittered, lo-res, highly compressed, preliminary version of a lifetime project."

from (lots of other fun stuff there, too.)

Thanks to Larry for the link to this site about Babies with Beards. The poor beardlings!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope wins!

Luckily something like this didn't happen (well, maybe in Ohio...):

Edward Winkleman has a really great post about the election and acceptance speech. This is my favorite part, though:
For anyone out there still unfamiliar with the term, I should explain what a "community organizer" is I suppose. It's a bit tough, actually, as the term is used more as a description of a belief system than any concrete sets of tasks or responsibilities, but I guess a community organizer is kind of like a small town mayor, except that a community organizer can actually change the world.
Things I won't have to do:
  • Say I'm Canadian when I travel.
  • Scrape off my bumper sticker in shame this time.
  • Cringe every time our president speaks.
Thanks I can do:
  • Be optimistic.
  • Be hopeful.
  • Be confident.
Yes we can!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I know you probably voted early and you're sick of hearing everybody tell you to vote, but this is so darn cute, it'll make you want to vote twice:

This might make you want to vote, too:

Thanks to Ursula for these!

Monday, November 03, 2008

click to see a bigger image

I love my bank. Credit union, actually.

Not only do they have free popcorn on Fridays, but they give a lot of money and support to the community.

So when we stopped in last Friday to make a deposit and score some free popcorn, it happened to be Halloween. So we also scored some free candy.

But the best part was that a few of the employees were doing "Thriller" shows throughout the day, and we just happened to get there right before the 5:00 show. They only did a short snippet (maybe a minute), but it was pretty great.

Oh, and here's a little silliness for the day:

Did you know there were cat ladders? Lots of them.

Today's squirrel fun:

If you haven't voted already, don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Who knew?

This doesn't look like it would end well:

Here's a very expensive cat toy:

Baby squirrel!