Friday, February 08, 2008

I killed my television.

Well, not really. I downgraded my cable to local channels. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but when I really thought about how freaking expensive it is, I just really can't justify it. I really only watch the local news in the morning, and then The Daily Show and the Colbert Report at night. And then occasionally a few minutes of Dave, Craig, or Conan... And then random stuff.

Except for The Office, I don't watch any prime time TV. I do like Project Runway but haven't been watching it regularly since they took a break for the holidays.

So it seemed ridiculous to pay $80 a month for about 20 hours of cable. I really wish you could pick the channels that you want to receive.

Having a DVR and access to so many TV shows on DVD and even online, I had decided that watching TV was kind of annoying, anyway. I would purposely start watching after it started so I could fast forward through the commercials. And even having to do that was annoying.

But I'm actually excited that I won't have all that distraction. Now I won't feel bad about wasting an hour of my life watching Celebrity Rehab or The World's Most Smartest Model or anything with a Brady...

Sam's another story. I didn't really let him watch all that much TV, but he's very upset. I know he'll get over it. And he can watch at my mom's and at his dad's, so it's not like he'll be completely deprived... And we do have a gazillion DVDs...

So I'm going to be watching my precious Daily Show and Colbert Report online.

I'm also going to cancel my home phone. I've also been thinking about doing that for a while. It seems silly to pay for 2 phones that nobody calls me on!*

*No pity calls, please.

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Colleen said...

I wish I could convince Dave to just get basic cable, but then again our cable company is so screwy it packages everything so you can't get high-speed internet unless you also get premium tier 2 with digital phone. Need to investigate alternatives