Tuesday, January 01, 2013


1/1/13, originally uploaded by enchiladaplate.

My first thing for my make-something-every-day project. Trish gave me a Diana camera for my birthday and I want to use it for this project. And I will when I get my film.

But in the meantime, I printed out a picture of my new camera on fabric and then did some embroidery around it.

I don't think future entries in this project will be quite this elaborate, but I happened to have the time today, so I did it.


artexpectations.com said...

Love it! Good luck finding film! What kind does it take? Looks like a fun camera. Have fun with your new venture too!

Deanna said...

It takes 120 film. It's easy to find online. Processing is going to be the problem, though. Not sure if there's anybody local except maybe BWC in Dallas. I'm excited to play with it, though!