Saturday, March 03, 2007

A ceramic snail - by Sam.

It's art weekend for me. I went to a reception in Dallas last night - a couple of my friends and fellow former grad-students were in a group show.

Today I'm going to go to my studio and work on my new stuff. And then tonight I'm going to drive to Lawton, Oklahoma to see Krispen's show. I'm supposed to have a show at this gallery next year, so I'm also going to check it out.

Then tomorrow I'm going to meet some friends at the Modern in Fort Worth for brunch and art-looking. We might venture over to the Kimball, too.

Yay, art!

Sam's eye is much better. He complains about it hurting every now and then, but it's only when he doesn't want to do something. Weird how that happens. I took some pictures of it but I'll have to get his permission before I post them.

He said that he told his friends to call him, "Scarface."


The Scarlet L said...

I wouldn't worry too much unless he starts speaking in a Cuban accent.

Deanna said...

Say hello to my little friend...