Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beverly sent me this. Made me laugh...

Had a busy weekend. Friday night I took Sam to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was good - lots of piratey fun. Johnny Depp was hamming it up again.

Johnny Depp story: I was watching the Oscars a couple of years ago and they had some kind of pre-show, red carpet, interview kind of thing and there was this really annoying guy interviewing people inside the building as they were taking their seats.

He cornered Keisha Castle-Hughes, the girl who was nominated for her role in Whale Rider, and she mentioned being overwhelmed by all the big stars. He asked who she'd met, and then he spotted Johnny Depp behind her. He said, "Hey, have you met Johnny Depp? I'll introduce you!" She said, "No!" and practically had her heels dug into the floor as he dragged her over. She looked completed mortified.

Johnny Depp stood up and shook her hand and said he loved her performance and the movie and was just so sweet. You would have thought she was the big movie star and he was the one that was excited to meet her.

I think he even introduced her to his stick-insect French wife.

Just channeling Bridget Jones for a minute...

I taught a workshop on Saturday. It went well. I had 2 and a half students. Two new students, and then Kim, who had taken the workshop before, came and worked on some stuff. I always learn things when I teach, so it's always good. Someone will say, "Can I do such and such?" And I'll say, "Hmm... I don't know. Let's try it."

Today I took Sam to the pool. It was so hot. I think it was around 104. Yes, Fahrenheit. It's 91 right now, at 11:00 pm. Why do I live here?

Anyway, I felt so sorry for all the kids at the pool. Everybody kept saying, "Walk! Don't run!" But the cement was so freakin' hot. Burns their little toesies. I'm sure they couldn't help but run. I wanted to run, too.

Then we met for dinner for my mom's birthday.

I was planning on going to bed early tonight, but I guess I should head that way.

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Bob said...

Hello Deanna-- I'm Bob and I saw your comments to Ellecharlie and thought I'd check out your "Artist, Emerging" blogsite and was looking at your Installation shots. It was interesting that there were "houses" on legs that didn't move and "tornado-like" mobiles hanging from the ceiling. Then I saw that these installations are in Oklahoma/Texas region. Of course, then, it made perfect sense. "Seeking shelter" may be a normal fear/feeling in tornado alley. Anyway, I liked the wide-openness of the installation, again, maybe reflecting the wide open spaces of Oklahoma/Texas. I hope I'm at least a little close in my interpretation of your work. I am also an artist. You are welcome to check my blogsite out anytime. Leave comments if you want.---Bob