Friday, July 14, 2006

Had a fun night last night - I went with Trish to the All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum to see Meredith Miller play. I've mentioned her in a previous post. I've been a fan for a while but she hasn't really been doing music much in the last few years. She's living in Austin and working on her PhD in behavioral health. While she was performing last night, she reminded us that we should get between 3 and 5 hours of physical exercise per week and that we should be eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So it was fun and educational.

Anyway, I talked to Meredith after the show and made a complete fool of myself telling her that I think she's great and I've listened to her CD over and over for 9 years. She had a kind of worried, "Is this woman a stalker?" look on her face at one point.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I watched Simone's movie the other night on Lifetime (I had to look up the channel - I'd never watched Lifetime before). She was really good. The movie was... well, she did a really good job. I was bummed for her, though, because they misspelled her name on the credits at the beginning - Simon instead of Simone. Drag.

I'm teaching a workshop tomorrow. A small one - just 3 students and maybe Allison hanging out. Should be fun.

Ze Frank is hosting an Ugly MySpace Page Competition. It made me realize that that's what really bothers me the most about MySpace - it's ugly. When I had a MySpace page, I kept trying to make it look better. That didn't work. So I tried to make it less ugly. That didn't work, either. There are many many many ways to make it more ugly, though.

I thought it was just the gross atmosphere and the icky friend requests I was getting from people who I suspected didn't really want to be my friends. Turns out it was mostly the ugliness.


The Scarlet L said...

That's okay, I insulted Jane Goodall to her face one time by telling her I had been watching PBS specials about her for as long as I can remember. Way to make your heroine feel old.

Trish said...

Ok, you so did not make a fool of yourself. The first time I talked to Meredith I was drunk (like really drunk) and TOLD her that we needed to get together and make some music. "Just put something out there!" Quite embarassing. I think she was afraid of me for a little while there at first.