Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jumping in the rain. He loves to play in the rain...

On Sunday we went to the new SuperTarget. They have black spaghetti. Sam thought it was cool so we bought some. I think the coolest part (for him) was that it's colored with squid ink. It tastes just like regular spaghetti. Except when you cook it, it turns kind of a disgusting grayish color. Perfect boy food.

Last night while Sam was at cub scouts I walked around the neighborhood. I tried to walk for a whole hour again, but it started to get dark and I had to head home. You know you live in a college town when you walk around your neighborhood and hear 3 bands practicing in their living rooms or garages.

Here's a link to the Snapalope Hunting Association of America. Kind of silly. Personally, I like the hunter's hand signals.

I linked this on my other blog, but in case you missed it, the awesome McSweeny's featured this Submission Guidelines for Our Refrigerator Door. They're pretty tough. Especially if you like robot monkeys. Or poop.

On a similar note, here's a critique of kid's drawings. This guy's brutal. Everybody's a critic...

It kind of reminds me of David Sedaris' "Front Row Center with Thaddeus Bristol," where he (Thaddeus) reviews Christmas plays put on by elementary school kids. My favorite line:

In the role of Mary, six-year-old Shannon Burke just barely manages to pass herself off as a virgin.

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thanks for much needed laughs today