Thursday, October 12, 2006


Check out this fun online game that John told me about, The Sentence Game. It starts off with someone submitting a sentence. The next person draws a picture illustrating that sentence. The next person writes a sentence describing the drawing, the next person draws a picture, etc. It's based on a surrealist game called The Exquisite Corpse. The drawing game is really fun. Kids love it.

If you go to the site, my user name is enchiladaplate. You can view the games that I've participated in. John's is birq. Not sure if he wants you to know that or not...

Guess what? Chad's back for Episode 4! Poor Chad...

Here's a fun video of some adorable teenage boys with too much time on their hands, creatively ordering food at McDonald's. I love how they incorporated the McDonald's theme into their song.

And here's a nice little Miranda July short film.

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