Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I think I forgot to mention that I got my work shipped out. I was stressing about the cost. It was expensive, but not as expensive as I had feared it would be.

I got a lot done over the Thanksgiving break. I was able to clean Sam's room - getting rid of a bunch of old crap and making way for all the new crap he'll get at Christmas... I even cleaned and organized my studio.

I've got another solo show coming up that I need to make work for. I must be crazy to take on two solo shows at one time.

On Friday, Cathy and I went to Dan's to see James McMurtry. He was really good. I saw some friends from grad school there, too. I was a little wobbly the next day - getting too old for all that nonsense.

So Colleen tagged me to do an anagram thing. You have to go here and type in your name and it creates anagrams for you.

I don't really get any good ones with my name, but I got a couple of good ones with Seeking Shelter:
OK, maybe just one...

I switched cable tv and internet providers today. I'm excited that I'll have DVR now. Like I really NEED to watch more tv...

Oh! That reminds me - my new favorite bad tv show is on VH1 - Celebrity Paranormal Project. It's so awful that it's good. OK, maybe it's like watching a train wreck. I'm not sure which...

Oh, and speaking of awful - I also got sucked into watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show on CMT. I fell into it when I was flipping by one day and happened to notice one of the girls being told that she was "heavy." What kind of universe are we living in where a clearly size 3, physically fit, athletic dancer was being told that she was fat? Anyway, I couldn't sleep the other night and ended up watching a few episodes in a row. Thank god that cow lost all that weight!

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