Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've been in overwhelm mode the last few days - trying to get everything packed up for my show in Reno. I have 10 boxes to ship. Holy moly. It's going to be expensive. I'm not looking forward to that.

I did find out that one of my paintings in the show in Sacramento sold, so maybe that will help cushion the blow a bit.

I keep going back and forth about going to Reno for the reception. I think it's on the 5th. I'd like to go if I can find a cheap last minute fare. But then I realize that I have to get a car and a hotel room and then it gets too overwhelming for me.

One reason I'd like to go is so I can call 911 and see who shows up.

I think I might save my money and focus on skiing with Colleen after Christmas. We haven't made reservations or anything, because I think she's overwhelmed with stuff on her end, but hopefully we'll be going skiing in Missouri. Yes. I said Missouri. Apparently they have a big hill there. And some snow. Hill + snow = ski. Hills are fine with me. I spend most of my time on the bunny slope, anyway. I only ski once every 12 years or so...

Today after I finished packing, I dropped by the art center for an opening reception. I helped hang the show, so I wasn't really there to see the art. The work is all cowgirl themed, so for the reception they got cowboy singers and they had the firemen (from the fire station across the street) make chili. Hmmm... so guess what I stopped by to see?

I had just assumed that the firemen would be hanging out with their chili the whole time, but when I got there they were leaving. They just dropped it off. Oh well. Free chili.

I was assigned sweet potatoes and pies for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm wondering if I can cut my workload in half by making a sweet potato pie. I can't even think about it, though, until my boxes get shipped.

OK, let's see what fun things I found on the internets recently:

Here's a super cool commercial where they used tons and tons of real paint.

I made the "HELP" image above using Geo Greetings.

I think these photos of travel souvenirs are brilliant. Wish I'd thought of it...

OK, one more. These Japanese Apple commercials are fun.


Colleen said...

We need to to Santa Fe at some point, even if we dont' ski. Maybe we could just wander around and soak up the bohemian atmosphere, get our chakras polished and all that other new wave crap...

Trish said...

I am running late for work but I had to comment. That Reno 911 picture... made my day! The HELP one is cool too. I hope you feeling underwhelmed soon. I still have about 3 weeks to go but I'll be joining you there eventually. Also, I think Broose is having a show in Deep Ellum around Christmas. I don't know all the details yet. He is playing at Dada on the 28th though. Can you clear the date?