Saturday, November 11, 2006


We were too far away and my camera shakes too much for me to have gotten a good picture. But that's him down there somewhere in the center of all the blurriness...

Awesome show. He tells great stories and just seems so down to earth and genuinely nice - he introduced everybody in the band multiple times and had so many good things to say about them, complimenting everyone and letting them all have the spotlight. He even let his guitar player sing his own (award-winning) song. Colleen describes the experience of his show so much better than I can.

He talked about how he drove through Denton yesterday on his way to some little barbeque place outside of Pilot Point. (This must have been the place.) He drove through Denton!

After the show we walked over to an Italian place for dinner and some wine. We would have walked around Sundance Square more, but it was too cold and Trish had forgotten her coat.

Today I'm going to try to get some stuff done to get my work ready to send to Reno for my solo show there. I still have to get some supplies and make some boxes to ship the paintings in. Lots to do!

Tomorrow I'm having a sort of "part 2" workshop at my studio, which is basically an open studio type thing - I invite the people who have taken the workshop and they can use my stuff and ask me questions. I don't really teach, I'm just there to help if they need it. Should be fun.

I think I forgot to post the link to this video. Jenna, this has some good preventive measures for us...


The Scarlet L said...

LOL!!! He even had a white cat for demo purposes!!! How ironic is that??? :) :) :)

Colleen said...

I need to post Lyle pictures. And Dave pictures too :)