Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pitiful Texas snow.

Jenna blogged about how she wants to be able to live somewhere that has seasons - so she can bundle up her future offspring and send them out to make snow angels. Well, if they're anything like Sam, it won't take much to make them happy.

At one point he came inside and asked me for a bucket to put snow in. I gave him a large bowl which he took to the back yard and filled with snow. Then he brought it through the house to the front yard, where he proceeded to make snowballs to throw at the house. He did that twice. And it never got old.

Even though his toes and fingers were numb, and it was dark outside, I still had to tell him repeatedly to come inside.

So, our Texas snow may not look like much, but apparently, if you have enough imagination, it's the bomb.

We were both disappointed this morning when they didn't cancel school. I hung out in bed watching the news for quite a while, hoping they'd make a last-minute announcement... I got Sam up and he went to the front door, looked out, groaned and banged his head against the wall.

We did get a little bit of a break, though. TWU closed at 3:00, so I got to come home early and he didn't have to go to day care.

So now I'm just trying to stay warm. We've been fighting over the cat. "No! She wants to sit on my lap!"

Flinks? (fun links):
I'm glad I've found a support group. Finally, someone who understands...

I don't really consider myself to be that much of a geek, but it worries me that I have the materials to make one of these.


Funky Finds said...

it was a weak snow, but isn't it amazing how everyone freaks out! i couldn't believe all the wrecks, etc. so typical!

The Scarlet L said...

My mother would hyperventilate if she saw that photo. As if trampolines alone didn't scare her enough ("you're gonna break your neck!")... now it's Trampolines On Ice!

Looks like fun to me though.