Sunday, December 03, 2006

Resonance, 24" x 24", 2006

I was in a painting frenzy this weekend. I'm stressing about all the shows I have coming up. I'm excited but also worried that I won't have enough work done for all of them. So I'm furiously trying to get a bunch of paintings done...

I just hung out at home on Friday night and prepared four 12" x 12" panels for painting - I glued some paper to two of them and some of the topographical maps (that Trish gave me) to the other two.

The one above is one that I finished up yesterday. I had been working on it for a while and it wasn't working, so I set it aside for a month or so. I finally got it all worked out and I really like it.

I also started on another 24" x 24" and completed the 12" x 12" panels. Now I have two more 24" x 24" panels to start and I ordered ten more 12" x 12" and ten 6" x 6" panels. I also need to order some more wax.

Ten of the smaller ones will go to Houston in January and everything else will go to Temple. Schwew!

Oh, and last weekend I did some drive-by painting - I realized that I was about to miss a deadline to submit work to an encaustic invitational that I had been in last year. So I ran up to my studio and did two paintings in about two hours. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. I think I lucked out this time...

I had been planning to go to my friend Erin's holiday party on Saturday night but ended up at my studio for way too long.

Today I went to IKEA with Amy. We ate brunch at Blue Mesa. Yum. I had never had their brunch before. It was awesome - omelets, eggs benedict, and other breakfast-y things, enchiladas, adobe pie, rice, fish, salad, fajitas, cookies, cobbler, and ice cream... Oh, and all-you-can-drink mimosas. Which for me, was about 3 sips. I can't drink during the day. Amy says I need to practice...

We got to IKEA at noon and they had already been open for 2 hours, but there was hardly anybody there. I had never seen it so un-crowded. I mostly bought gifts. A couple of house things but nothing too fun. I was scoping out a loft bed for Sam's Christmas present, too.

If you hate me, you'll get me this for Christmas.

Here's a funny video about dating fun.

Here's a really cool online advent calendar.


Colleen said...

Xmas exchange: Oh, but you are so worth the $29.95 + S&H!!!

Trish said...

Garsh, you've been a very productive girl. I love the new painting. Really great.
That advent calendar is the coolest!