Thursday, December 21, 2006

branch, originally uploaded by enchiladaplate.

I'm testing a flickr feature - blogging from flickr.

I upgraded my flick account so I could add more photos and organize them more efficiently. So check it out - lots of photos - and I'll be adding more periodically.

The university is closed tomorrow and all next week, so we're trying to look enthused about being here today. We're not really fooling anybody.

We're doing a Christmas for Sam tonight, so he'll be able to play with his toys before his dad picks him up on Christmas Eve. He already got a couple of new Gameboy games. He stopped to sleep and to jump on the trampoline a little, but otherwise has been playing and playing and playing.

I saw this stunning expose on Al Gore and couldn't believe it! Shocking.

In case you're looking for a real friend on MySpace.

Here's a cute origami Christmas card generator.

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