Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I hope everybody had a good Christmas. Mine was fairly quiet. We did most of our present-giving before Christmas, so Sam and I just hung out on Christmas Eve (although he was very anxious to get to his dad's for presents). We watched Galaxy Quest - he had never seen it before. I think it's funny. I didn't realize that Rainn Wilson (from Six Feet Under and The Office) was in it.

After Sam left I watched So I Married an Axe Murderer. I had heard that it was hilarious but it was OK. A couple of funny parts.

On Christmas I went to Trayc's house. She lives in a cute little house near White Rock Lake. We hung out at her house for a while and then went a block over to her friend's house for a really great dinner.

Today I went to my studio for a while. I freaked out yesterday when I realized that I really only have 2 days to finish everything up! I finished all of my smaller paintings today and started on the 3 remaining larger paintings. Hopefully I can finish those up tomorrow. I also have to put wires on the backs and then pack them up next week sometime - when, though, I don't know...

Tonight I watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. So stupid. It had some funny parts, though.

My free movie channels end tomorrow! Bummer.

I forgot to mention that Sam and I went to see Night at the Museum the other day. It was funny. We really liked it. The effects were great. I also saw The Holiday. It was cute - total chick flick. Jude Law had never really done anything for me before and I know he's a schmuck in real life, but he was happenin' in that movie... A completely unrealistic, perfect character, of course. But I didn't mind looking at him.

I guess I need to start packing tomorrow!

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