Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Edible Earth

Sam had to make this edible model of the earth for school last week. I loved the way it looked and just had to get a shot of it. The inner core is a grape - I should have gotten orange jello instead so you could see the contrast better. Oh well. The earth has never been tastier...

Sam told me that a kid in his class made a cake that had chicken in it. Neat!

I've had a fairly busy weekend. After Sam got picked up on Friday night, I contemplated going to see Little Miss Sunshine, but I decided to go to sleep instead. I was wiped out.

Yesterday I got up early to weigh-in (3 more pounds! although I can't tell where it's coming from...) and go to the gym. Then I walked over to the square for the Art, Antiques, and Autos event. I was the judge for the art part of it. There weren't a lot of entries, but some of them were really good - mostly crafts. I awarded the best of show to a couple who made really nice jewelry.

Cathy and I went to Fort Worth for gallery night. We went to Gallery 414 to see my friend Susan's work. Then we went to a funky little store called Uncommon Angles that's in a cool, refurbished Montgomery Ward building. We hit the nearby Super Target to get a baby present for our friends Neva and Kim, who recently had twin girls. We were hoping to hook up with them while we were in FW but we weren't able to catch them.

We searched and searched and eventually found Artspace 111. We liked the work there, but they also had great food. They had a chocolate fountain. Need I say more?

Next was Art in the Metroplex at TCU. I've entered that show for about 4 years in a row and not gotten in... But I'm not bitter. We enjoyed the show but nothing really stood out. My friend Nancy had a piece in the show.

They had a small gallery upstairs with work by grad painters. We liked a couple of the pieces but we were mostly impressed by their studios. They had huge, light-filled studios. With doors. That locked. A huge contrast to the makeshift cubicles that we had at our state institutions. I guess it pays to be able to afford a private education.

We ate at a Mexican place called Caro's. It says on their website that they don't use a steam table, microwave, or can opener. It must be hard to get those cans open... The food was super greasy and I had a lake of cheese on my plate. Not exactly Weight Watcher-friendly. They also pride themselves on their puffy chips. I wasn't a fan, though. Maybe it was just a bad day for puffy chips.

There was another funky shop nearby, so we stopped in to check it out.

Then we went to what I think is the best gallery in Fort Worth - William Campbell. I was all set to schmooze and try to talk to the owner and everything but when we got there the place was packed. You couldn't see the artwork, really, there were so many people milling around. I'm going to go back when it's quieter to do some schmoozing.

We headed to Edmund Craig - 0h, but before we got there we stopped at a gallery that must be a community art center or a studio with classes or something. It was crowded with people but mostly it was chock full o' art. It was really overwhelming. We did find a few good pieces in the crowd, though.

Edmund Craig has some good stuff but is mostly realism and landscape. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just not so into it. It just seems like the paintings they have there are really... shiny. I don't know how to describe it. There were a couple of encaustic pieces that I really liked, though.

I saw my friend Devon there, so it was nice to get caught up with her and I guess I schmoozed her because I sent her a proposal for an artist's book show... She's the gallery director at a junior college in Fort Worth that would be a perfect venue for these books. So at least there was a little schmoozing that got done.

There were two more places that we wanted to go but it was after 9:00 (the scheduled ending time of all of the openings), and we were tired. So we headed home.

Today I watched Dick Cheney on Meet the Press. There was much eye rolling on my part. Sheesh. And whenever I see him, I immediately think of Jon Stewart's impression of him.

The rest of the day was cleaning and organizing. I had intended to clean Sam's room. I try to go through his room every now and then when he's not there and I get rid of stuff that he doesn't play with, that's broken, or, honestly, that annoys me... He's got so much junk that he rarely misses anything. And if he does say, "Hey, where's that toy accordion with the siren on it (or whatever)?" I can just say, "I'm not sure. Where did you put it?"

I didn't get to that, though, because I spent most of the day cleaning my office. Really just my desk area. So I didn't get everything clean. I've come to accept the fact that the whole house can't really be clean all at the same time. That's way too much to ask of myself. And I know that nobody really cares. When I die, I don't really want people to say, "Her house was really clean."


Thelma said...

Well, Louise, you'll be looking divine on the slopes come winter...

The Scarlet L said...

What a busy weekend! Congrats on your continued Weight Watchers success. And I have to keep reminding myself that "She had a clean house" is not one of the things you find in people's obituaries. Even though my dad would say it ought to be.

Deanna said...

I suppose it wouldn't be so bad for that to be mentioned in my obituary, but I would want it to be something like, "She was able to raise a child, make millions as an acclaimed artist, find a cure for cancer, solve the Middle East crisis, *and* she always managed to keep a spotless house!"

Trish said...

Just reading about your weekend makes me tired. :-) Sounds like you had a really good time. And I love love love Sam's model of the Earth. Very cool and creative.