Sunday, September 17, 2006

Went to Dallas on Friday night to see Nancy's show - an installation at Studio 832. It looked great. Sam liked it, too.

Here's Nancy:

The installation on the wall contained all kinds of cool, weird, and scary things:

We didn't stay too long - Sam can only take so much art and being good all at once. We headed to Jenna's to see her new place and to visit the kitties. Sam had fun playing with Casper and trying to play with Shadow. I completely forgot to take pictures while we were there.

On Saturday I went to the gallery walk in Dallas. I tried to hit mostly galleries that I might be interested in "schmoozing." I did go to a couple that I liked anyway, though. I saw a bunch of good stuff. I even stopped at Eatzi's and got some sushi. Yum.

I did schmooze a little. I even left my CD at one gallery. And I left some postcards promoting my workshops at the Latino Cultural Center. They had a really nice show of encaustic paintings by Carlos Pellicer Lopez. I thought that maybe someone would see his work and want to learn how to do encaustic. Who knows?

We had dinner with John and Elizabeth and the girls at their new house. They have a new weenie dog puppy named Wesley:

For a dog, he was pretty cool. Very cute. Tiny. He hopped around and licked everybody's ankles.

He likes to walk outside on his leash. The cats, Boris and Natasha, understandably don't want much to do with little Wesley. But Tasha was jealous that he got to go outside. So they got Tasha her own leash:

After all the excitement, Elizabeth snuggled Wesley up in a towel and he took a nap:

He might be a little bit spoiled...

Oops - forgot to post a couple of links:
In case you always wondered about Kirk and Spock. This video is not safe for viewing at work.

And here's an interesting article about Stephen Colbert.

I thought this wedding video was kind of sweet.

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tha Star Trek video was beyond disturbing.