Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I was run over by a golf cart yesterday.


OK, somebody bumped into me. I was just minding my own business, walking down the sidewalk on campus, when all of a sudden something slams into my heels and the backs of my legs. I screamed or yelped or made some sort of dorky sound (and almost fell down) and realized that it was a golf cart.

I sat down on the ledge nearby and tried to figure out what just happened and if I was OK. The lady driving the cart said, "I'm sorry." Someone walking by stopped to see if I was OK. I was really mostly freaked out. After a minute I stood up and figured out that I was OK. The lady never got out of her golf cart. That's what gets me about the whole thing. She just sat there.

She said, "I was trying to avoid hitting some students walking on that side of the sidewalk."

I wanted to say, "Well, I'm glad you didn't hit any students!"

So I hobbled off. She didn't even offer me a ride. Not that I would have ridden in her golf cart of death.

It was very strange.

One of my feet is a little sore, but I don't think I need to call one of those personal injury lawyers who have those great commercials...

I've been super busy lately. Not at work so much (well, in little bursts of activity here and there). I taught my workshop on Saturday. Then on Sunday I helped out with my mom's bookkeeping and then worked a little bit at my studio.

I had to pack up some paintings to send to a gallery in Georgia. I shipped those out on Monday.

I had a parent/teacher conference on Monday afternoon. It went well - Sam's doing really well this year.

Sam had scouts that night and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and I walked around the neighborhood for about an hour. I was going to ride my bike but I had a flat tire. :-(

Some time after my walk, I realized that I needed to ship more paintings to a show in a gallery in Sacramento. For some reason, I thought they needed to be there next Wednesday but in fact they need to be there on Monday. Yikes.

So I hauled ass to my studio yesterday during lunch and grabbed the paintings, hanging hardware, and packing stuff.

I told Sam that I'd take him out on a "good report card dinner," like my dad always did for me. He said, "McDonald's!" I said, "Seriously? I'm offering you a dinner anywhere and you want to go to McDonald's?" So he changed his mind to Chuck E. Cheese. I know. But it's not as yucky as McDonald's.

So we went to Chuck E's last night. It wasn't so bad - not too crowded.

And when I got home I had to pack up my paintings. I was worn out.


Check out this site: Karaoke Ice. It's a karaoke stage in an ice cream truck.

I'm a dork, so I think this is cool. The millionaire space tourist (from Plano!) is blogging from space.

It's a little early for Halloween, but here's a scary video for you.


Trish said...

Oh man! I think you're making a big mistake. You should totally call that guy on tv that calls himself The People's Lawyer. I tried to find a website for him but I don't remember his name. But he's that young guy with the curly hair. Do you know who I mean? I just know he'd win you a bunch of cash and then you could quit your job and concentrate on your art.
I'm sorry we didn't make that movie on Sunday. Wanna try again this weekend?
The Clouds link on my post today has some interesting tornado photos. Did you see them?

The Scarlet L said...

I can't believe the cow never got out of her golf cart. I would have been to ashamed to drive it after hitting someone.