Saturday, September 23, 2006

Here's a news flash.

btw - 2 pounds - 9.5 total so far.

Seeing Jenna was fun. We went to I Heart Sushi (still hate that stupid name...) and then she made me go to Beth Marie's for Emily's Campfire Marshmallow. The sacrifices I make for my friends!

We walked around the square, enjoying the cooler weather (and hopefully walking off some of that ice cream), and then went to Recycled Books for a while.

The play was really funny. It's been pretty much the same every time I've seen it, but they update some things to reflect current pop culture references. We both enjoyed it.

Then we went to Wine Squared for a glass. Jenna didn't get tipsy this time, which is a good thing, since I didn't have my camera with me this time...

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The Scarlet L said...

Ha! I foiled your sinister blackmail plans this time.