Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A detail of a piece that my friend Vidya did in my "part 2" workshop a couple of weeks ago. Very cool, no? She used tissue paper, dipped it in the wax, and then collaged it together.

I'm teaching another basic workshop this weekend. I only have 2 students signed up so far, but one of them is coming from Oklahoma City. She had seen my show there and wanted to find out about encaustic. She's a photographer. It should be fun.

The Weight Watchers is going OK. Mostly because I haven't eaten out. That's my downfall. I'll go weigh in on Saturday, so hopefully I will have lost a pound or two. I decided to just go weigh in instead of going to the meetings. The meetings are torture. Or maybe it's just this one particular woman who is the leader. She was there the last time I did WW and I thought she was supremely annoying.

Amy had seen her there before, too. Amy's boss, Kyle, has been going to WW and he was in the meeting the other day. At one point I noticed that Amy was laughing and I looked over and saw Kyle pantomiming shooting himself in the head. Note to self: don't look at Kyle during the meeting.

Do you like to watch videos of people doing really stupid things?

Here's the best one - the redneck version...

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