Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jenna, wasted!

Well, not really. We did the Banter/Wine Safari thing again last night (hey, when we find something we like, we stick with it) and Jenna said she wanted to get drunk... She was beyond tipsy but not exactly falling down drunk.

We hung out in Banter and watched the drumming and belly dancing for a while. She hardly did any belly dancing. That's how I knew she wasn't *completely* drunk. And lucky for everybody, she didn't hurl.

We went back to her place and watched The Life of Brian and ate some popcorn and played with the kitties:

The elusive Shadow.

Cute little Casper.

This one cracks me up:
So yesterday was Jenna's last day at work. She's transferring to UT Southwestern in Dallas to do her clinical nutrition internship (so don't tell anybody that she consumes tapas, good popcorn, and copious amounts of wine). I'm happy for her but sad for me. We don't cackle and giggle like the people in the office next door to us, but we have fun in our own little ways.

It's raining! It seems like the last couple of months we'd get a day every now and then where it would cloud up for a while and maybe even sprinkle a little bit, but no real rain. This is the first serious rain we've gotten in a long time. Even a little thunder. Weird.

I'm listening to Lyle and the rain... Perfect.

I hung out in my studio today. I did an "advanced," or "part 2" type of workshop. Or maybe I should just call it an open studio. I invite the people who have taken my class to come back and use the materials. Only one person showed up this time, but it was fine. She got a lot done and I was able to do some stuff, too.

I did some pieces for the art swap I signed up for:

I'm so tired now. I don't know why. I'll probably just watch another Python movie and hit the sack early tonight.


The Scarlet L said...

Oh, how pretty. All right for you. You know that offer you made to help clean my apartment before I move out? Come over any time; I have a nice science experiment growing in my refrigerator that I can put you to work on.


ElleCharlie said...

That picture of the white cat's nose (Casper?) is adorable! It's like dogcam, when dogs go up and stick there nose right into your camera and you end up with a picture of their nose looking huge and their heads and bodies looking itty bitty. Those cats are like yin and yang.

Colleen said...

The new art looks great!