Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sam and I are going to Houston this weekend. I'm going to take some work to show a gallery owner. Hopefully they'll want to show my stuff. Right now it looks like an adventure, but after 5 hours in the car, it probably won't. I found a hotel with a pool, so Sam will be happy once we get there.

There's a ton of good art in Houston (surprisingly), but I don't think I'll drag him to any museums or galleries this time. We'll probably just sit in the pool. Well, maybe I'll try to drag him to the Twombly Gallery. Oh, and the Menil's just across the street... I know, I'm pushing my luck.

My favorite spot in Houston is the Rothko Chapel. He definitely wouldn't do well there (it's very peaceful and contemplative - not his scene).

Tons 'o Fun:

Check out this awesome video - Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager. And be sure to watch Episode 2.

And then you'll want to hear the "Chad Has a Date" song, which has been stuck in my head all day.

Here's another funny Star Wars video.

And finally, the anticipation is palpable - it's almost time for Snakes on a Plane! You can send a friend or loved one a personalized message from Samuel L. Jackson.

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