Friday, August 25, 2006

I've been neglecting my blog. I know. Blogger's been all weird lately.

I went to the movies tonight, in case you couldn't tell. I saw Talladega Nights. It was pretty funny. Not quite Anchorman or Elf, but stupid-Will-Ferrell-movie-funny.

Oh, that reminds me. I need to put somebody else on notice:


I have to go weigh-in tomorrow, then go to my studio for my workshop. Then Trish and I are going to see a some plays at the high school. My friend Marlys' daughter Simone is directing some of the plays. It's some sort of challenge where the kids are given the scripts on Friday night and have to perform on Saturday night. Sounds like a lot of fun.

On Sunday I'm going to go to Dallas to see my friend Nancy. She's installing artwork in a show. I'm going to see her work and then we're going to have lunch. She just got her MFA from fancy-schmancy SMU. Her work is really cool. Check it out here and here.

Check out this video of my friend Erin's sketch comedy group. This was my favorite sketch they did when Jenna and I went to the show a couple of months ago. That girl can definitely bust a move.

You might have heard about this Forbes article already. What a dick.

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The Scarlet L said...

Another thing I hate: People who take their screaming infants to mother-f***king Snakes on a Plane at 10 p.m.