Tuesday, April 18, 2006

101. Maybe the more I complain about the heat, the hotter it gets. I'll try to stop complaining...

I included some images of one of the clay tornadoes I dipped in wax this weekend. I like the way they turned out this time - lots of interesting texture. This one pictured here somehow didn't get a hole poked before he got fired. I started to make a hole but I was afraid I'd break it, so I stopped. He'll just be my non-hanging tornado.

Sam is taking the TAKS test today. He did great on the reading portion last month but this one is math. This morning on the way to school I reminded him to read the questions really well because they try to trick you. He said, "It's just math." OK then.

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Trish said...

"It's just math."
So true, so true.
Stupid work... they are blocking the Blogger comments pages. Urgh!
Looking forward to this weekend. Glad I can help out.