Sunday, April 23, 2006

Trish at a scenic outlook in Oklahoma. Yes, I used the words "scenic" and "Oklahoma" in the same sentence. Southern Oklahoma is actually kind of pretty.

Had a fun visit to OKC. We crammed everything into my mom's PT Cruiser (in fact, I think Trish rode with paintings on her shoulder the whole way up). Trish helped kill the time with a car game - Rock Star (btw Trish - I thought of another Y - Yo Yo Ma!).

We unloaded the work at the art center and Clint, the gallery dude got right to work helping me figure out how to hang some new paper pieces and the big hanging spiral tornado thingie. Trish and I were cringing at the sight of him up on his tippy toes on his rickety ladder, trying to secure the round wooden piece. Very scary.

He recommended a local Mexican restaurant that we really liked. We especially liked the paintings of the Mexican men in sombreros, one of which looked suspiciously like Saddam Hussein.

We attempted to find the "artsy/gallery area" but ended up just driving around. There are some really nice houses in OKC. Lots of Vietnamese restaurants, too, which seems weird. Clint said they had really good food, too.

Some more observations - Oklahoma Citians (?) seem to like pineapples and sex toys. Probably not at the same time.

Today we had a leisurely morning and went to the arts center where we got straight to work, unpacking artwork and laying out the show. I think it's going to look really good.

There is another artist having a show concurrently who also does tornadoes, but in a sculptural form. Also a bit more playful, from what I've seen. They're also going to have a show of student work from a local college. So the opening reception is going to be big. I'm a little freaked out by that. But it'll be fun.

On the way home, Trish "cubed me" by playing a visualization game. It was really interesting and enlightening.

It was a really fun trip. Thanks for going, Trish!

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Trish said...

No need to thank me. I had a great time and it was a much needed escape from my life at the moment. I think the paper pieces are going to look great hanging like that. BTW, can I get a copy of the pic we took of it hanging in front of the other artwork? That was cool.
I'm wondering if maybe you shouldn't call up there and make sure Clint hasn't broken his neck fininshing up the installation. lol!
Just heard on the evening news there was a tornado near Oklahoma City today. Pretty freaky!