Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oklahoma wildflowers.

I realized that I forgot to write about the North Texas Book Festival and the Earth Day celebration at the Cupboard. The book festival was a bit sparse. They were raising money for school libraries, so I wanted to support them, but honestly, it was lame. Just a few tables with people enthusiastically, well, desperately telling us about their books, which seemed low budget or maybe self-published. Nothing wrong with that. I was just hoping for a larger selection.

The Cupboard was fun. We picked up lots of free samples and they handed out free samples of food and drinks. I tasted fresh carrot juice. I love carrots but for some reason the thought of carrot juice always creeped me out. But it was good. I also tasted wheat grass. Blech. Not something I would pay for. But I'm glad I can say I tasted it.

There were some tornadoes around Oklahoma City yesterday. I told Trish that we should have stayed an extra day.

I always think about how ironic it would be if a show of my paintings, or my studio, or even my house were to be hit by a tornado. Yes, tragic and scary, but also ironic. Someone would be sifting through the rubble, finding paintings of tornadoes... I like to think that if there is a god, he or she has a good sense of humor. But that's a little too obvious, isn't it?

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