Monday, April 17, 2006

Hot... Well, I guess I spoke too soon about it not being too hot yet. It's supposed to be 97 today. Sheesh!

I got a lot done in my studio yesterday. I'll post photos of a clay tornado when I get the images uploaded from my camera.

For Easter I got Sam the soundtrack for The School of Rock. Not very Easter-ish, but he likes it. I got the movie from the library a couple of weeks ago and he wouldn't watch it until his friend Simon told him that it was his favorite movie. So all of a sudden Sam wanted to watch it. He loved it and has watched it twice already. Anyway, another time when I was at the library, I had picked up the soundtrack to High School Musical, which is a movie/show thing that was on the Disney Channel. I thought he might like it, so I got it for him. I should have listened to it first. It's complete drivel. He loves it, though. They play it on Radio Disney, of course. So I was hoping that he'd forget about that one and focus on The School of Rock instead. That I can deal with.

But I guess anything that gets him to turn off the TV and dance around the living room is OK.

Oh, and I still can't believe that I'm the one saying, "Turn it down!" How did that happen?

Speaking of music, they played a great song at the end of The Sopranos last night - 4th of July by X. I love X - old school LA punk. This song is more melodic than some of their other stuff. It gets stuck in my head. But in a good way...

On the stairs I smoke a cigarette alone/Mexican kids are shootin' fireworks below/Hey baby, it's the 4th of July...

Oh, and speaking of great songs, zeFrank posted this link to the video for Breathe Me by Sia - it's very cool. Not sure if it was really made with a gazillion Polariods like it says, but maybe...

That song was used in the last scene in the series finale of Six Feet Under, so I always think of the lives and deaths of the Fisher family when I hear it. I miss that show.

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