Monday, June 05, 2006

I was lost in trouble and strife,
I heard a voice and it changed my life
And now it's a brand new day, and I ain't afraid to say
You're not alone when you're down and out
And I think you know who I'm talking about
When I don't know how I'll get through
I ask myself what would Willie do
Bruce Robison - What Would Willie Do?

My new favorite song...

On Saturday, Trish and I had lunch and then shopped for her books. We spend way way way too much time at Recycled Books, mostly looking at CDs. I bought James McMurtry, Willie Nelson and Songs for Tsunami Relief (which features Willie Nelson and friends).

I watched Shopgirl on Saturday night. I really liked it. I've always liked Claire Danes and I thought Jason Schwartzman was pretty hilarious. And best of all, the dude from The Red House Painters was in it! Apparently he was in Almost Famous, too, which I have not seen. I have it on hold at the library.

One of my favorite parts in Shopgirl is when Jason Schwartzman is on tour with the band and they're showing him around the tour bus. "Hey, come here. We're making mojitos!" And they're so bored that they buy self-help books and relationship tapes to listen to while they're on the road.

I got this cool link from the photojojo newsletter. It's a Photoshop tutorial to make photos look like miniature models. I always wondered how people did that. Those photos always kind of creep me out, but I had fun playing around with it. I don't quite have it figured out yet:

Freaky, no? Maybe they need to be even blurrier... I need to get some good building shots.

If you want to try it, let me know. They left a step out of the tutorial.

Last night I went to Marlys and Steve's to do a promotional card for their daughter Simone, who's going to be in an upcoming Lifetime movie. I'm hoping she'll become famous and introduce me to Johnny Depp. I can dream, can't I?

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