Monday, June 19, 2006

Red acrylic soy sauce in a sea of paint splatters...

OK, I'm tired of the song lyrics, aren't you?

A late post today. I wasn't in a bloggy mood today. I couldn't sleep last night even though I was really tired. I hate when that happens. Then I just feel like a zombie all day.

Getting ready for Sam's birthday party this weekend. The dreaded Chuck E. Cheese. He'll have a blast, though. Too bad you can't drink there. If there's any place that needs alcohol, that's it.

Oh, yeah. And John's birthday is coming up, too. I'll have to find something that I like, because I'll end up getting it back, anyway. Can you say, "Regift?"

Let's see, did I find anything fun in my surfing today? Here's a cool online gallery of artistic Polaroid photos. I particularly love the SX-70 photos. I did a book of manipulated SX-70's. It's a fun process. Here are a bunch more, in case you like them...

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birq said...

Hey, I don't *always* regift. At least, not always to you.