Thursday, June 01, 2006

Juices, muffins, pasta, and cheese
Milk and biscuits and cocktail sauce
I am a grocery bag
Salsa and pickles and organic grain
I am a grocery bag
Fresh coffee and bagels,
pudding and soap
Baby formula and ham
I am a grocery bag
They Might Be Giants - I Am a Grocery Bag

Last night I blew off yoga class so I could work on a couple of projects. Trish gave me some really cool topographical maps that she'd used in her geology class. I collaged some onto boards to paint over. I can't wait to take them to the studio and start on them. I don't really know what I'm going to do. Hopefully something will come to me when I start on them.

I also used my super-OCD skills to create a list of available paintings (to send to prospective galleries). I had to scan in slides of the paintings that I didn't have jpgs of... So I had to fight with my computer. The hard drive is full and I keep backing stuff up and throwing stuff away but it doesn't seem to help. I was trying to back stuff up onto CDs but it said there wasn't enough room on the drive to do it. I was yelling at my computer, "I know there's not enough room, that's why I'm backing it up!" It just sat there and beeped at me.

Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be packing up the work from the VAST juried show. It's always so much more fun to unpack than pack. Most people pack their work not thinking about someone having to repack it. Sometimes all the peanuts and bubble wrap don't fit back in the box.

Cool internet stuff - I think this was a link on memepool - some guy makes lenses out of ice, starts fires, and then takes pictures with them. The lenses, not the fires...

Oh, and this guy's sculptures are pretty amazing. They're itty bitty. I don't know what he uses or how he does it. Or why, really.


Colleen said...

the daisy photos taken with the ice lens looked way cool. Also those streaking lights. wonder what those were?

Trish said...

Very neat photo technique. Those pictures were pretty dern cool.