Tuesday, June 06, 2006

She was born in Monterey
And all the Christmas songs were sung
The padre knew what she'd grow up to be
Saints and sinners all agree
Spanish is a loving tongue
But she never spoke Spanish to me
Joe Ely - She Never Spoke Spanish To Me

The photo above is of Sam's encaustic painting that he's been working on at my studio. It's kind of a weird aerial view...

Saw Ann Coulter on the Today Show this morning, foaming at the mouth. Why do people like her?

I found a really fun website for Whippet Grey, a store somewhere in the UK. The website is really creative. Be sure to click on "Curious Objects," "The Den," "The Garden," or "Scrummy Treats." My new favorite word is now scrummy...

What else? Oh, Boing Boing had this link to a car shredder. Yes, a car shredder. I might have nightmares about this.

Oh, this is the coolest site. You type in what you want to dream about and somehow it scours the internet and finds images to go with the words and draws them and melts them into each other. It's quite cool.

Well, since Sam's been at his dad's, I've been to my studio once, the gym once, and I've only had one drink - an over-priced mango margarita. I need to pick something and do too much of it...

I'm going to the gym after work and then to my studio. When I get home maybe I'll have a glass of wine. That oughtta cover it!

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