Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trish would know what kind of rock this is...

Went to Jenna's last night to watch her new Eddie Izzard DVD. It was really funny. I hadn't really seen his stand up before. He's very smart and I really like his British humor. With his makeup and hair (and of course, the accent), at times he reminded me of Nigel Tufnel.

Jenna picked up some sushi from a place that used to be called Japango but is now called I Heart Sushi. Whatever. The sushi was good, despite the stupid name.

I enjoyed watching the DVD and also watching Casper walk between us. He'd sit on Jenna's lap for a while and take a little nap and then sit next to me and lick my hand and then go back to her and take a nap. He was very cute. And the elusive (and aptly named) Shadow emerged from her hiding place and allowed me to pet her. She even forgot herself and played for a minute or two.

Then we went to Beth Marie's for dessert. Yum. Look at that - Beth Marie's has a website. My current favorite flavor is Emily's Campfire Marshmallow. Then we walked around the square once to work off all that ice cream. At least that's what we tell ourselves...

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