Friday, June 16, 2006

Letting the days go by
let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
water flowing underground
Into the blue again
in the silent water
Under the rocks and stones
there is water underground.
Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

I got my other cover CD in the mail yesterday from someone in California. More great stuff.

I've been swapping CDs with my brother Larry for quite a while and I often swap with Allison, but I think it's such a cool idea to swap with someone that you've never met. Kind of putting yourself out there and offering a little of yourself to someone you don't know.

And I love love love making mixes. Always reminds me of High Fidelity...

Rob from recently did a segment called "Things I figured out," about stuff that seems like common sense but nobody really teaches you and you just kind of have to figure out for yourself. At the end you could submit your own thing you figured out, so I did. If you go here and scroll down - I think it's the 18th entry or so - you can see mine. It starts out, "When I first moved to Texas..." As soon as I hit the submit button I realized that I hadn't given a definition for the thing that I had figured out. Kind of embarrassing.

Boing Boing has a link to this article about the world's largest pinhole camera. They're attempting to create the world's largest photograph. Very cool.

There's a room in the art building here that's referred to as the lighting room - the windows are covered up to facilitate photographing with the fancy lights. Anyway, there is a tiny hole in the thing that covers the windows and the room can be a pinhole camera/camera obscura.

I've been thinking about popular culture and how much I participate in it. I don't really watch prime time TV, but I do find that I plan my life around The Daily Show/The Colbert Report. In fact, I walk around in a lack-of-sleep daze most days because of those shows...

There are some things about popular culture that I really like and others that I hate.

Here are some things that I hate/don't like/am indifferent to but that everybody else loves:
American Idol
Cirque de Soleil
The Blue Man Group
Jerry McGuire
Pretty Woman
Professional sports

Here are some things that I'm embarrassed to admit that I like:
Trading Spaces
Top Chef
Project Runway
America's Funniest Animals
Ice Castles
Pop Tarts (vanilla cream)
Jack in the Box tacos (I could do a whole blog post on the sublime qualities of the Jack in the Box taco)

There are more. But that's all that I'm willing to admit to at this time.


birq said...

Are there people that actually LIKE Cirque de Soleil? I thought that was something that people just said they liked so as to not sound like a redneck.

I watched a couple episodes of Square Pegs on Google video the other day. I searched for them thinking that it was going to be another case of an icon from my childhood being shattered, but it was actually still pretty funny, despite the laugh track. Maybe it was just funny seeing young dorky Sarah Jessica Parker, Jami Gertz and Merritt Butrick.

Deanna said...

A friend recently told me that she had gotten tickets for Cirque de Soleil and I didn't think and said, "Good God, why?" She was surprised that I didn't like them because they were artsy and so "like performance art." I guess I don't really like performance art, either.

And yes, unlike my other favorite childhood tv show, Bosom Buddies, Square Pegs still holds up.

birq said...

People actually like performance art? "Good god, why?" is the appropriate follow-up question for that, too.

Deanna said...

One of my favorite Matt Groening Life in Hell comics lists things about different types of artists and there's something like "questions you ask yourself." The one for performance artist is,"Why am I standing here, slapping meat on my forehead?" Or something like that...