Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now, when I die
now don't think I'm a nut
don't want no fancy funeral
Just one like ole king Tut
Steve Martin - King Tut

Today's song was inspired by yesterday's photos... Note to Colleen - I changed them "to protect the innocent," in case you didn't notice.

Sam and I came up to the gym to play racquetball last night. I had asked a couple of people that worked there if he could play and they both said, "Sure, I think so." But the girl that was working last night was new and unfortunately one of those annoying "rule followers," so she called someone and asked. Turns out you have to be 16 to do anything other than swim. So I guess we'll be swimming from now on.

Sam was disappointed but we went home and got his bike and he practiced riding. He just learned how to ride without the training wheels. He's still all over the place, though. He definitely needs practice. We rode around the middle school (it's basically a series of buildings with courtyards and sidewalks all over), and he loved to go down the hill and then slam on the brakes. If he was lucky he'd leave a skid mark. He thinks he's "extreme."

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