Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We ain't seen Elvis in a year or two
We got justification for wealth and greed
Amber waves of grain and bathtub speed
We even got Starbucks - what else you need?

James McMurtry - Out Here in the Middle

I played around with the "miniaturization" thing some more and did a "mini" Old Main. Creepy.

I think this one worked better. I found this photo of the Houston campus:

And did the mini thing:

It messes with the depth of field or something - makes the trees look really fake. I think the secret is to be fairly far away from the subject and to have smaller things in the foreground to show scale (trees or cars).

Here's another one that is sort of interesting:

I managed to do all my good and bad things last night - I went to the gym, spent about an hour in my studio, went to the grocery store, and drank an adult beverage. But just one.

When I got to my studio, I noticed a few birds flying around and as I was unlocking the door and gathering my stuff to go inside, a bird attacked me! OK, it wasn't quite Hitchcock, but it kind of felt like it. I think it was a barn swallow. There must have been a nest near the door or something. One time it got pretty close!

OK, check this out: We Feel Fine. It searches blogs for posts about "feelings." Pretty cool.

Oh, and I finally opened my Etsy shop! I'm going to attempt to sell smaller paintings (maybe or maybe not relating to my current work) as well as collage boxes and some craft things. Check it out.

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Trish said...

Could it be a mockingbird? They are VERY territorial. I was attacked by one last year.