Sunday, June 25, 2006

A thought I had today - If you have so much stuff that you have to get a trailer for your motorcycle, then it's time for a car.

Well, I didn't go to Dan's last night after all. Cathy was moving yesterday and was understandably too tired to go. I hate to go places like that by myself, so I decided to stay home and watch Anchorman. That movie cracks me up. It's quite silly. I wanted to watch it because John went to San Diego last week and I couldn't remember any great lines. Except for the, "Stay classy, San Diego."

I think my favorite part is when they sing Afternoon Delight.

Has anybody seen "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy?"

Today I met Julie at IKEA for lunch and some shopping. I didn't buy much - wooden hangers, a bathroom rug, and a milk frother (for hot chocolate and stuff like that). Then we went to Sam Moon but they were closed on Sundays. What's up with that? So we went to World Market. I only bought a bottle of wine - Castillero del Diablo cabernet sauvignon. Cellar of the Devil. Or Basement of Satan. Beelzebub's Rumpus Room? Anyway, it's quite yummy.

So, apparently Colleen joined the SCBWI. Some sort of writing group? I was going to ask her what it stood for but I ended up trying to guess. I got a little carried away and couldn't stop thinking of possible meanings for the mysterious acronym.

Some of my favorites:
Scantily Clad Babes With Implants
South Carolinians Breaking Wind Incessantly
Sentient Cartoon Beings Wanting Independence
Some Cranky Broads Whingeing Irritatingly
Several Crazy Bitches Whacking Infidels

This one seems the most likely:
Semi-Conscious Boozers Writing Ignominiously

What do you think it could mean?


The Scarlet L said...

Spotted Composing Books While Inebriated.

Colleen said...

Secret Coalition Battling Woebegone Intelligentsia

(yeah, I'm just not good at this game...)