Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another shot of the OKC show...

Sam is at my mom's house today, sick with a sore throat. I'm never really sure if he's really sick or not most of the time. Sometimes I can tell but most of the time I feel like I make the wrong choice - I either send him to school anyway ("Buck up!") and he ends up really being sick or I let him stay home and he ends up driving me crazy because he's fine. Yet another thing to beat myself up over.

I'm pissed off about an upcoming show in Iowa. I'm not sure who to be pissed at, though, them or me. I got a letter from them about a year ago saying, "Congratulations! You got a show, etc." And they tentatively scheduled it for September of 2006. The letter states, "We will be contacting you by phone and email to finalize our gallery schedule."

I haven't heard anything from them, so I emailed the other day to get the final schedule. The person emailed back saying that since they hadn't heard from me, they filled that spot in the schedule but they want my show there and hopefully will work out another time.

I was upset. The letter they sent doesn't indicate that I should contact them to hold the spot. I keep reading it to see if maybe I missed something. Anyway, I emailed back trying not to sound too defensive but still wanting to work with them. We'll see what happens. It might be February of 2007 instead.

I've been watching coverage of the tornado(es) that hit east of here a couple of nights ago. I was watching the news when it happened but since it was dark there weren't really any good shots of it. Three people died in the storm in an area that doesn't have sirens. Very sad. It was probably fortunate that it didn't hit a few miles to the south in a much more populated area. The tornado was about a half mile wide. I heard something about some strange things happening during the storm, too. Someone reported that after the storm, their horse was in a tree. I need to find out more about that story.

My stormchaser friend Amos has info on his blog. OK, he's not my friend, but he lives in Denton and I emailed him about my OKC show and he posted my show info and suggested I invite the storm tour people to the show... We're supposed to meet for coffee one of these days. I have a gazillion questions to ask him!

That reminds me, Twister was on again last night. I always catch either the beginning or the end, but haven't seen it all the way through in quite a while.

I want to go to the Twister museum. Good cheesy fun. I think it's down the road from the world's biggest ball of twine.

Let's see - fun internet stuff... Larry sent me this link for origami math. Not sure if he's making math fun or making origami boring...

Also found this site for The 1 Second Film. They're raising money for charity. You can donate as little as $1 and be listed as a producer on IMDB.

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