Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shards... a piece that's hanging from the ceiling at the OKC show.

Well, Sam's sick again today. He says he has a sore throat and that his body hurts all over. He doesn't have a fever but he does look like he doesn't feel good. My mom's out of town today, so I'm home with him. Poor guy.

Last night we walked to the square for dinner. We started a "go out to eat on Tuesday night" tradition a couple of months ago. Since it was so nice yesterday and I needed some exercise, I talked him into walking to J&J's pizza on the square. Of course, then he talked me into going to Recycled Books and then to Beth Marie's for ice cream... But at least we got some fresh air and exercise. For the record, I didn't have any ice cream.

I was just remembering something I read the other day on the Dallas Morning News website. They have a section where people can comment on TV shows and movies. Someone had posted a comment about the recent episode of The Sopranos. One recent story line involves a character named Vito who is gay. Someone saw him at a gay bar and told the other guys about it and he had to leave town. Apparently being gay in the mafia will get you a brand new pair of cement shoes (and cement is SO last season...).

Anyway, the person commented that when they showed Vito and his new boyfriend in bed, he had to leave the room. He didn't seem to mind when Bobby was kicked in the stomach and then shot in the face by some gang members or when Vito shot an innocent man in the back of the head. It's interesting that we're so used to seeing men hurting and killing each other that it's shocking to see them loving each other.

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The Scarlet L said...

I could not have said it better. What a weird society we live in.