Friday, May 05, 2006

One of George Wilson's pieces in the OKC show...

I love the Oklahoma license plates, "Oklahoma is OK." But to me it seems more like they're saying, "Oklahoma? It's OK..."

The reception went well. My feet hurt from standing for 3 hours in uncomfortable (but stylish) shoes and my ass hurts from sitting for 6 hours in a purple (yet very unstylish) car. I met a lot of nice people and talked about my work. No sales, but Clint is optimistic that some work will sell. I have no expectations, so whatever happens is fine. Translation: I'm used to not selling anything. :-)

I made a contact at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, so maybe I can drum up some more workshop participants from that.

I enjoyed looking at George Wilson's work. His work is more whimsical, maybe, and very well executed. He's a sculptor and a jeweler but also draws and paints. Similar theme, of course, with the tornado, but he also uses a simplified house shape. Interesting.

Clint did a great job installing the big tornado. It's not how I installed it previously, but I think it's going to be different each time someone installs it, which is a good thing. And having someone else do all the work is definitely a bonus.

Oh, I asked Clint what his work is like (he's a painter, too), and he described it as "pop surrealism" that involves hamsters and robots. I'm so intrigued by that. Who doesn't love hamsters and robots?

So I'm looking forward to going back on the 20th to do my presentation. I'm going to show slides of some older work. Maybe some vacation slides. Lots of baby pictures. It's going to be great!

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Colleen said...

Hoping to sneak down to OKC to see your show while you're there, but we've got double whammy sports -- last football game, first baseball game -- and I think after my weekend at the conference Dave will hide my carkeys if I try to leave him alone with the boys again. I'll work on it...