Thursday, May 25, 2006

Did an angel whisper in your ear
and hold you close and take away your fear
in those long, last moments
Lucinda Williams - Lake Charles

Last night Jenna and I went to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre to see Erin perform/direct a sketch comedy show. I guess she directed and did the introduction... It was really fun. I think everybody did a great job, especially their Jenna. She can bust a move!

It was fun to get out into the "big city" for a change. I was telling Jenna that I've started to perceive Dallas people differently recently. I'm not sure exactly how they're different, but I guess I just feel kind of self-conscious when I get away from Denton. My little Denton bubble. I've become such a homebody. I used to go to Dallas all the time. But now the traffic bugs me and I feel too tired. Maybe I'm just old. I'm afraid that's it.

In order for Jenna to go to the thing with me last night, I had to tape the season finale of Lost for her (she doesn't have a VCR). It's just a step away from paying someone to be my friend.

Yesterday was link overwhelm, so I'll just post this one today about someone who moved out of a house and left 70,000 beer cans. Liquid diet, I guess.

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The Scarlet L said...

Next time we hang out, I'll be requiring a gift certificate to the day spa in exchange. ;)

(Totally kidding, in case there was any doubt.)