Friday, May 19, 2006

Flat Stanley came to Texas and Sam jumped with him on the trampoline yesterday.

I'm heading to OKC again tomorrow to do the gallery talk thing. I have all my slides ready and waiting. I'm just going to show slides of some older work and show the progression to where I am now.

My fear is that people will say, "I like your older stuff a lot better than your newer stuff."

Or even, "You suck."

I'd rather hear, "Where do I send the checks?"

Let's see, what have I found that's interesting? Oh, yes, I rediscovered an oldie but goodie, My Cat Hates You. Someone needs to censor the captions, but otherwise it's funny.

Let's see, I think a link on ReadyMade led me to photojojo, which led me to this interesting site. You can upload a photo, work on it in Photoshop and then upload it again. Kind of fun.

Oh, I also came across some super cool cakes. If only cake would come out of that slot on my computer...

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Colleen said...

we ordered our Flat Stanley flip book today! thanks for entertaining him