Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A silhouetted version of a photo I used earlier... Playing around with Live Trace in Illustrator. Fun stuff.

I wasn't able to post this morning because Blogger wasn't responding. Well, better nate than lever, right?

I went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning. I'm such a dork that going to the dentist is an exciting thing. Especially now that I have insurance!

In my internet travels, I found some origami beer labels. Kind of fun.

Let's see... oh, yes, I found a really depressing article about single women in their 40's being alone forever... So it just compounds my fear - that I'll die, nobody will notice, and my cat will eat me.

Oh, I almost forgot - on a much more positive note - I'm going to have a show in Douglasville, Georgia, probably summer or fall of 2007! I had stopped sending out proposals but my aunt was here a couple of months ago and said I should send one to the Cultural Arts Council in Douglasville. She and my cousins live near there. My mom was worn in Douglasville. Oddly enough, so was my ex-husband's mom. They didn't know each other, though. Weird. Oh, btw, Douglasville is a suburb of Atlanta.

Anyway, the woman I talked to was very nice and I was very excited when she mentioned the word, "fee." As in, they would pay me one. Super cool. Nobody's ever done that before. :-)

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