Saturday, May 13, 2006

Barn swallow...

This evening, Sam and I walked around the track across the street at the middle school. In the middle of the field, I noticed three birds flying around close to the ground. I thought they might be purple martins but after looking them up I think they were more likely barn swallows.

We sat in the middle of the field and watched them. At one point there were six or seven of them flying, swooping, diving, and chasing each other all around us. Sam said, "It's like an air show except without the sound."

My cousin Ketty came over this morning and brought me flowers and a nice mother's day present - a pretty box with two little ramekins of flan. I've never had flan before. I'm eating some right now. It's really good - kind of like creme brulee without the burnt sugar crust.

I'm going to take a picture tomorrow when I eat the other one. It's very pretty.

Larry sent me some more great music. I'm listening to the Jayhawks right now. They're great.

Sam and I went to my studio today and I worked on a couple more paintings. I showed him how to paint with the wax and he had lots of fun, especially playing with the heat gun. I forgot my camera so I didn't get a picture of his masterpiece. I think my mother's day present will be to hang out at my studio again tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a picture then.

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