Sunday, May 07, 2006

Detail of a new piece I finished this weekend...

Last week, when we had some severe storms pass through, I was glued to the weather, of course. On the radar you could see these vibrating circles that indicated areas of rotation, which of course means a possible tornado. I don't recall ever seeing those circles before. I thought they were visually really interesting. So I made a painting this weekend that kind of looks like a radar image with some of those rotation circles.

I think I might do a whole series exploring that concept.

I did a "part 2" workshop at my studio on Saturday. A few people who had taken my workshops have come back for a second time, so I thought I'd offer a part 2, or open workshop type of thing. I didn't really teach, I was just there working and I answered questions or gave advice as things came up. Allison and Cathy came and we had a fun time. You can see images of the work they created here.

After the workshop, Allison forced me to go to Miguelito's for dinner and margaritas. This isn't the first time, either. She's a bad influence on me.

Then I went to my friend Tracey's for a get-together for her husband, who finally finished his PhD after only 8 and a half years. It was fun to see them.

I watched Shaun of the Dead on Friday night. It was quite funny. It was definitely a zombie movie that just happened to be funny. I guess all zombie movies are funny, just not on purpose.

I wanted to see it after reading this blog. I remembered seeing Dawn of the Dead for the first time. I must have seen it at a midnight movie when I was in high school. It's a little fuzzy... I remember it being a ton of fun, though. I definitely remember one of the zombies getting his head cut off by helicopter blades.

Not Citizen Kane, of course, but good zombie fun.

Anyway, Shaun of the Dead was funny but not necessarily a spoof of the genre. You could tell that everybody involved genuinely loved zombie movies. Lots of limbs being torn off, heads being ripped off, etc. Check it out!

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Colleen said...

I like your new piece! Cool concept, nice use of meteorlogical map colors