Monday, May 15, 2006

The fish whisperer...

For my Mother's Day lunch yesterday, I decided to go to Guisseppe's. Sam didn't want to go, of course, but I made him go because it was Mother's Day (in fact, I made him do a lot of things yesterday because it was Mother's Day. Why don't we have it more often?). We sat outside by the fish pond, so life was good. The weather was beautiful.

His head's really not that big...

Then we headed to Sunny's reception. She's graduating with her BFA in painting and I think her minor is ceramics. She had taken my encaustic workshop twice, and included some of her encaustic work in the show. Her imagery includes pears and origami cranes.

Her reception was awesome. She had great food, doughnuts (a bonus for Sam), a chocolate cake with an image of one of her paintings, sparkling pear cider, napkins with pears on them, free pears for everybody, an art table for the kids (with origami and coloring pages), Korean singers, AND she even raffled off t-shirts that had images of her artwork on them. Oh, and her artwork is a tad bit fabulous, too.

Then I forced Sam to go to my studio again - two days in a row - torture! I showed him how to paint with the wax and he loved it, especially using the heat gun.

We ended up leaving earlier than I had hoped, because Sam burned his arm on the heat gun. It was totally my fault and I still feel horrible about it. I stopped him to show him something and I didn't make him put the heat gun down and he got distracted and touched his arm with it. He's fine now - it's not that bad, really - but I felt awful. And of course he milked it for as long as he could.

Oh, I also wanted to giveTrish a little preview... I made Trish some copies of mix CDs and went all crazy and made some CD sleeves, too. I had made a bunch of them for Christmas presents and just had a ball. I rip out pages from design magazines and my mom gives me her old issues of Departures, which have lots of jewelry ads. It's fun to find an image that goes along with the theme of the CD. And sometimes they have nothing to do with anything...

I forgot how much fun they are. I'll probably be making some more soon.

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Trish said...

Those are totally cute pictures of Sam! I love the way his hair sticks up in the back.
I can't wait to get the cds now! Unfortunately, the cds you will be getting from me will be in plain white sleeves 'cause I'm boring that way.